Meet your team

A group of focused individuals delivering
excellence on every project

Who we are

A small team working out of Edinburgh. Passionate about all aspects of technology we are constantly learning from our clients, our surroundings, the other players in our industry and each other.  We stay fresh because we love what we do and it just wouldn’t feel right providing consultation and services that weren’t spot on.

We work with clients both face to face and entirely remotely on a daily basis.

What we do

Web, design, technology. We take your project from the idea stage right through to launch day and beyond.  Supplying graphics design, logo creation and brand guidelines then translating these into a beautiful website using the latest web technologies. We also provide training for your team and maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

Alternatively we can jump in at any point along the way, whether that’s creating from pre-made designs or coming in to maintain an existing site – we are super flexible and pride ourselves on being able to accommodate almost any request.

We believe at the end of each project you should be able to carry out every task on your new site.  Adding or editing content, updating images, amending products, organising and managing events or any other functionality we provide will be within your power to control.  It is our ethos that finished products should be manageable by our clients and should not require developer intervention for every day tasks.