Make Better Things

Ross on 4th October 2018
When we started Design33 back in 2011 someone told us that using WordPress was cheating. They said that websites had to be built by hand and that we were cheating ourselves and our clients by using a CMS like WordPress to deliver web projects. The world has moved on, but even at the time we [...]

Using Mailcatcher

Jason on 8th December 2017

Today we’re going to look at installing the extremely useful utility that is MailCatcher. But first, what is MailCatcher? As its name suggests MailCatcher catches mail – any outgoing mail from a system (if routed properly) will not go out in to the web and is captured in a local mailbox for you to view […]

Thanks Shaun!

Jason on 4th August 2017

Over the last few weeks we’ve had the pleasure of having Shaun on our team as an intern. Shaun’s currently on summer break, about to begin his 6th year at high school. As a busy agency we weren’t in a position to come up with a fancy work experience program, and after some discussion we […]

WordPress drops support for older Microsoft browsers

Jason on 11th May 2017
WordPress's core development team recently announced that it would drop support for Internet Explorer versions earlier than v11. With Microsoft now focusing on its developer-friendly Edge brower, the last issues remaining with Microsoft's once-dominant browser are being put out to pasture. WordPress’s decision was a logical one; Microsoft itself dropped security and development support for [...]

Case Study – The Royal Society of Edinburgh

Ross on 7th March 2017

The Royal Society of Edinburgh is one of the city’s most venerable institutions, and has hosted some of Scotland’s most prominent thinkers of the past, present, and future. We were delighted to be asked to redesign their website last year.

Top 10 seriously easy ways to turbo boost your SEO

Jason on 17th March 2016

So you’ve got a brand spanking new website and oodles of smoking hot content, but here’s the real head-scratcher: how do you make sure people find it, and most importantly, engage with it? It all comes down to three simple little letters – SEO

Top 10 tips to set your social media on fire

Jason on 10th February 2016

How do you get your brand noticed in a sea of selfies, hashtags and smiley face emojis? We asked our social media strategist for her top 10 bite-sized nuggets of knowledge to set your social media on fire.

How To: Visual Composer’s Grid Custom Query

Jason on 24th July 2015

Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress by WPBakery is an incredible tool. We use it on almost every project now to give the client a massive amount of control over their content without adding any complexity. Recently VC received an upgrade which included Grid Elements, in this post I will cover how to use the custom query box to throw out post from different custom post types and taxonomies.

Should you buy a .scot domain extension

Ross on 8th March 2015

We are currently working with a client who provides very localised business services. As always, the issue of which domain name to have  (either the .com, the, all of them, or something else entirely) came up. Now, the .scot domain extension was released to the public on the 23rd of September 2014 and apart from its outrageous price tag of £30.00 a pop, per year. Not a lot of money I know, but in the context of a .com or it is well over three times the cost. I wanted to know if it had any significant benefits for our clients business.

Moving to Mac from Windows

Ross on 22nd February 2015

So, this week I did the unthinkable. I switched my main office machine, the one I use day to day for all Photoshop, Illustrator and all web design related tasks, from Windows to Mac OS X. (Thanks to John from UK-CNS who loaned the hardware!) It has been an interesting week.