Ross on
19th August 2013

Recently, I needed a form which included the ability to calculate some basic maths functions.  My usual weapon of choice in the domain of contact forms would normally be the awesome Contact Form 7, however on this occasion, it wasn’t enough!

After many, many hours of searching, I found Jazzy Forms  It fitted the bill almost exactly.  Jazzy Forms has the functionality to carry out basic maths ideal for creating forms which work out estimates, calculate costs, that type of thing.  The for I wanted to build worked out the cost of attending a class, based on how many people were attending and how many classes they wanted to book. Awesome!

Jazzy Forms was simple to install and the only two draw backs I have found are that there is no form validation built in (although you can set this up with another WordPress plugin) and there was no option to populate the form submissions to a database – something I find useful.