Ross on
4th October 2018

When we started Design33 back in 2011 someone told us that using WordPress was cheating. They said that websites had to be built by hand and that we were cheating ourselves and our clients by using a CMS like WordPress to deliver web projects.

The world has moved on, but even at the time we said to ourselves:

“No we’re not. We’re adding value, we’re speeding up development, we’re creating websites that are more secure, based on an underlying core code audited globally by a team of experts, we’re contributing to the forward motion of the Web, we’re not cheating, we’re making things better.”

That phrase has stuck with us – making things better. Start with something that already exists, or perhaps doesn’t, but that there is a requirement for and make it better. Actually, physically, we mean, make it better, create it better, leave things in a better way than we found them.

At some point in our journey, that phrase was changed slightly to read – make better things. We feel that this resonates even more today than when we originally started using it as a company mantra.

Make. Better. Things.

Every day as a company, as a family, as a team, we should be making better things. If that’s a web project it should be better when we deliver it than it was before. Faster, more effective, more targeted, more profitable – better. If it’s a branding package, the company we brand should feel proud of the creative we have produced for them, feel empowered by it and feel that they are better than before because of it.

When we think about our own values internally, we should strive to do things that are better than our competitors, not just so that we can lead in our profession but so (and bear with me here) that we can contribute to the future of the Web and ultimately, the future of Humanity as a whole.

We are in a very fortunate position in that we are content creators, where most of the other people we deal with in our work lives and private lives are content consumers. Think about it, how many other people do you know who regularly create and contribute to the Internet as much as we do? Lots of our friends and colleagues consume media, but we push to the Internet, to us the upload is just as important as the download.

We have a responsibility to help design, develop and deliver content that is inspiring, forward facing, challenging and engaging. We owe it to the pioneers of the Web to carry the light onwards into the ever darkening night of the Internet as it stands in its current state.

Guided by our own values of integrity, hard work, fun, equality and creativity we must embrace emerging technologies, not settle for standard and remain agile enough to be able to lead, change and respond to the challenges we will inevitably face over the coming years.

Make Better Things can be expressed across all of our work, and also broken down into three component parts:

  1. Make – this is what we do: we create, we make, we produce
  2. Better – improvement in every system we interact with is the goal: faster, smoother, cleaner
  3. Things – this is the output: the ‘thing’ at the end, the brand work, the website, the end product

If we can remain true to our commitment, guided by our own sense of purpose, equality and fairness, then we have no doubt that we will continue to make better things for our clients and the Web as a whole. This is what makes us different, this is what defines us, this is what we aim for in everything we do – our passion to make better things.

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