Web Design and Internet Explorer

Ross on 22nd February 2015

Developing websites for different browsers can often get complicated. I recently had an issue when trying to make a really visual site, which looked great in the most bleeding edge version of chrome, but looked awful in Internet Explorer.

WordPress Child Themes – Updated!

Ross on

Over the years – we must have created hundreds (well – ok, maybe not hundreds) of child themes for use on WordPress sites we’ve made for clients and customers. They have been a vital component of our day to day work with WordPress and they are important – however, recently the guidelines for using them have changed, but, what are Child Themes and why should you be using them?!

Kids And Technology

Jason on 21st February 2015

The current generation of children have more technology integrated with their daily routines than ever before.  Primary kids are receiving computer based homework at almost every level and if you were to give a nursery child a smartphone or tablet I bet they’d know how to unlock that sucker, fire up a game and spend […]

Easter Egg Hunt!

Ross on 23rd January 2014

Easter eggs are hidden features, often put there by mischievous coders, in websites, dvds, apps and other forms of digital media.  Internet mythology states that these hidden ‘jokes’ were introduced by Atari, in the game ‘Adventure’.  Once the player completed certain tasks in a certain order, the name of the game’s programmer, Warren Robinett, appears on screen.  Atari were unaware that this ‘Easter Egg’ had been included in the source code!

WordPress Staging Area – wp-stagecoach

Ross on 21st January 2014

What’s the problem you ask? It’s only one little change, right?  How many times have we been here before though, really?  One simple change results in the White Screen of Death and means hours and hours of picking things apart to get the site up and running…  Which brings me back to WPEngines amazing Staging Area.  Using the same example as above, when the client called to make a site update, I would simply log in to wp-admin, then copy the live site to a separate ‘staging-area’ with one click.  One click.  The data, the tables, everything, with a single click.  Amazing.

Share Keyboard and Mouse

Ross on 11th September 2013

So, I very recently bought a second hand HP Touchpad via EBay and am enjoying it A LOT! I uninstalled HP`s WebOS and installed CyanogenMod9 instead.  So far, it is working flawlessly and I`m really happy with it. Until, this morning I thought – `wouldn`t it be cool if I could control my tablet with my computer`s keyboard and mouse…`

Jazzy Forms – forms that do maths!

Ross on 19th August 2013

Recently, I needed a form which included the ability to calculate some basic maths functions.  My usual weapon of choice in the domain of contact forms would normally be the awesome Contact Form 7, however on this occasion, it wasn’t enough!

How to install WordPress quickly on your own hosting

Ross on 20th June 2013

If you are installing WordPress for the first time, the task can seem a little daunting – I know that’s how it felt for me the first time I did it! This guide is aimed at people who are going to install WordPress on their own hosting account. That means you probably have bought some webspace and a domain name and want to run your own WordPress powered site. This guide will have you up and running in no time at all!

WordPress Managed Hosting

Ross on 27th May 2013

Recently we were doing some work for a client who needed a bit more in terms of reliability and service that our usual web host of choice provides.  Up until this point, Design33 had always used shared web hosting for client sites.  What we tended to do was build the site on our own staging server, showing the client the build periodically at various project milestones.