Ross on
11th September 2013

So, I very recently bought a second hand HP Touchpad via EBay and am enjoying it A LOT! I uninstalled HP`s WebOS and installed CyanogenMod9 instead.  So far, it is working flawlessly and I`m really happy with it. Until, this morning I thought – `wouldn`t it be cool if I could control my tablet with my computer`s keyboard and mouse…`

Enter Share Keyboard & Mouse (Beta, Play link)

After a very easy setup, I am now able to control my tablet using my computer`s main keyboard and mouse – now, couple of caveats, firstly, I am using a rooted and hacked Touchpad. This means that I have access to the wi-fi function in the Share Keyboard & Mouse app.  If your tablet or phone is not rooted, then you`ll need to make do with either a USB or bluebook connection.  Secondly, the app seems to play nice with others. I have a dual laptop setup running, connected with Microsoft Mouse Without Borders and there has been no interruption to this. It all just works.

So, if you are looking for an easy way to extend the use of your tablet Share Keyboard & Mouse could be for you!

Check out the developers site for more info : Share Keyboard and Mouse

What apps do you use to extend the functionality of your tablet? Leave a reply in the comments below!