Jason on
4th August 2017

Over the last few weeks we’ve had the pleasure of having Shaun on our team as an intern. Shaun’s currently on summer break, about to begin his 6th year at high school.

As a busy agency we weren’t in a position to come up with a fancy work experience program, and after some discussion we decided it would probably be more beneficial for everyone if Shaun was to join us immediately on project work.

We were amazed at how well Shaun coped with the tasks set for him, he has that real problem solving tenacity that is so important for any kind of developer. We had him preparing data for migration, writing CSS, managing WordPress sites using the dashboard, and, of course, copy pasting!

Towards the end of the experience, Shaun produced a blog post recounting his ordeal, here it is verbatim:

Coming to work for Design33 over the summer has been a real experience. Never did it feel like a classroom experience where you only got to hear all the good things about the work, no, I got to hear and see the real world of web design/development. This may sound like a bad thing but it really wasn’t and instead, was an extremely useful learning experience. Most IT jobs are shrouded in secrecy so to be able to get a chance to see first-hand what a professional web agency does and how they work was brilliant.

If you try to learn about how development works in any IT field (or any job really) you will only get to hear what is good about it or perhaps only bad experiences with the job. While in school you can read about what some jobs are like through textbooks or job sites like my world of work but never will they talk about what life in these jobs is like. Coming to Design33 has really opened my eyes to what it is like. I was allowed to work on real projects for real clients if I did not know how to do something someone was always happy to help me. Being able to actually do real work really helped give the whole experience a sense of realism over what you might get from your average work experience programme where it is very –pretend.

I want to pursue a job in IT and hope to go to university to study computing but I never really knew what the tech industry was like to work in. I had heard of many things like crunch time and all sorts of horrible things like getting into to work at 9 and not leaving until 10 at night. And web development has always interested me because everything is online now and we spend more and more time on websites but no-one really knows what goes into them. After spending some time at Design33 I now feel much more relaxed about working in the tech industry. They were very friendly and approachable.

I have learned so much about what good practices online are and what bad ones are, how to put together a site and how much work goes into making a site. It also showed how rewarding it can be to work in this area. With Design33 being near the centre of Edinburgh you also get a feel of the culture of Edinburgh and how lively it is. When I was with Design33 no day was the same I was always working on something different and learning new things.

It’s great to hear that Shaun found the placement valuable. It was a real pleasure having him with us and as Shaun says he has learned so much from us, we also learned a lot from him! One of the first things I noticed about Shaun was his speed at his computer, he used hotkeys and shortcuts for everything and I could see that he was clearly faster than I was at certain tasks. Now I’m trying to remember more hotkeys and find more efficient ways to carry out tasks that I’ve been doing the same way for years.