Hooks Episode 10: WordPress 5.0, Branch, Facebook Messenger, Apple Pay

Jason on 14th December 2018
In Episode 10 Ross and Jason have a very brief chat about the WordPress 5.0 release. They also discuss a new tool by Peter Suhm called branch, aiming at making CI for WordPress projects more accessible. Alongside branch there's a discussion about Facebook Messenger and how integrating it with eCommerce stores can help overcome customer [...]

Hooks Episode 9: The Goot, Open Source Privacy, WordPress Search Plugins

Jason on 10th October 2018
In Episode 9 Ross and Jason take the opportunity to chat about the upcoming WordPress 5.0 release and Gutenberg that will be bundled with it. Also covered is open source privacy, a cool birthday fundraiser, plugins to make WordPress search better and an upcoming workshop in Glasgow that covers an introduction to web development. Let us [...]

Hooks Episode 8: We’re back… Again! ClassicPress, client do’s and dont’s, funnys!

Jason on 31st August 2018
Episode 8 is live after another short hiatus, rest assured we're dedicated to bringing you weekly content from here on out. Ross and Jason talk about ClassicPress and what it represents and means for WordPress going forward. They also look at client red flags/green flags and some up coming dates for your calendar. Let us [...]

Hooks Episode 7: We’re back!! WordCamp Europe, Serbia, Gutenberg

Jason on 22nd June 2018
We're back with our seventh episode! We moved office and, more recently, attended WCEU in Belgrade, Serbia! Ross and Jason talk about their experience of the city and the conference, highlight talks, and a shift in feelings about Gutenberg. They also get in a quick plug for the local meetup group at the end. Let [...]

Hooks Episode 6: Design with Ben Usher Smith, Gutenberg

Jason on 20th March 2018
In our sixth episode we had our first guest on - Ben Usher Smith! We had a pretty open ended chat around, design and how it has evolved on the web over the last 10 years. We also talked about Gutenberg and our thoughts on the rapidly approaching page builder. Let us know if you [...]

Hooks Episode 5: The WP Community, The Core Model, We’re Hiring!

Jason on 9th March 2018
In our fifth episode we answered our first listener question! We also had a chat about the WordPress community in general and how you can get involved. In the cast we talked about the Core Model and how we are using it. I mentioned an upcoming conference that Ida Aalen will be speaking at.  You [...]

Hooks Episode 4: Beast From The East (Remote Working), Bye Yohannes!

Jason on 5th March 2018
In our fourth episode we took a look at working remotely and how your devops is a crucial part of enabling people to do this. In the cast I mentioned a WordPress tutorial that covers running WordPress locally using docker.  You can find this content here. If you are interested in learning more about Code [...]

Hooks Episode 3: PWA Resurgence, WP Notifications, Code Your Future

Jason on 23rd February 2018
In our third episode we took a look at: Progressive web apps, what are they and why? The WordPress notification system and possible changes coming to it. Code Your Future program and their first round of graduates. In the cast I mentioned a forthcoming blog post from Tim Nash about CSPs and SRIs, you can read [...]

Hooks Episode 2: Cryptominers, Amazon Polly and Multisite

Jason on 16th February 2018

In our second episode we took a look at: Cryptominers in dependencies and what you can do about them. Amazon’s Polly service and it’s WP uses. What do people use multisite for? In the cast I mention a guide to CSPs by @brunty, here’s the slides from that presentation. Let us know if you have […]

Hooks Episode 1: Hello World

Jason on 9th February 2018

In our first podcast, Ross and I gave a brief introduction to ourselves and our team here in Edinburgh, we then discussed GDPR and some plugins we are using in our workflow to help our clients towards compliance. We also chatted about the recent 4.9.3/4.9.4 update and took a closer look in to what the update […]