Chiene + Tait

“How can we help you?”
Speaking to users directly.

After having worked with Chiene + Tait for a number of years, we were excited to be asked to take on a full redesign of their website. The old site, although still fully functional, was no longer meeting their needs as a people focussed chartered accountant. They felt that the site was lacking a bit of personality, and not reflecting C+T’s approachable yet professional nature.

So, we ran our Discovery Workshop with the team at C+T to identify their main concerns and issues with the site, and hear about their ambitions and goals going forward not just with a new site, but with their brand as a whole. What we established straight away during this process, was a lack of two way communication between C+T and their users. The site felt cold and unfriendly, strictly business. But this is not the case, Chiene + Tait actually encourage their clients and prospective clients to get in touch with them, ask them questions and really promote engaging with them as a business. This issue was solved in a number of different ways on the new site – firstly, a side bar was established across all pages which contains a selection of blocks that can be swapped out depending on their relevance to the page. These blocks include ‘latest events,’ ‘meet the team,’ ‘careers,’ and ‘downloadable resources.’ Each of these blocks promote engagement with C+T’s users and show that they keep their site up to date and relevant. We also added in a hero search feature on the home page, which allows users to engage with C+T straight away, asking them “hello, how can we help you today?”


Chiene + Tait already had a logo and a loose set of brand elements, so we firstly tightened up their brand guidelines to establish a set of colours and typefaces that, going forward, would be flexible enough to work across their various printed outputs and livery. The primary colours included their branded ‘C+T green’ as well as charcoal black and white. These are very rich, heavy colours, which really work well for them, they convey a sense of professionalism and heritage. However, these colours don’t leave a lot of room to play – when overused, they can make a site feel dark and cold. To combat this, we added a pastel blue and dusty pink to their palette. This not only instantly modernises the brand, but allows us to subtly categorise pieces of content, to establish a clean hierarchy, without detracting from the primary colours.